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Who doesn't love enjoying their favorite beer with friends or trying new things? 

Beer is Family

Many LOCAL breweries are family owned!


Beer is Community

Brewers, farmers and local suppliers are working together to bring you fresh new experiences every day!

Get out there and support them!


Beer Trail Sign Up

What is the Beer Trail?

Visit Emerald Coast breweries and get cool SWAG

Established in 2017, we're veteran owned, and we built the Sugar Sand Beer Trail as a fun and interesting way to explore the growing craft beer industry across the Emerald Coast. Our trail map is a consolidated reference that can be used to locate breweries all along the Emerald Coast. 

Visit the signup link to get your map and get out on the trail, today!

How Does It Work?

1: Visit Emerald Coast brew pubs and breweries.

2: Ask staff to stamp your map next to the brewery name.

3: Send your trail map in to Emerald Coast Craft Beer. (Address on back)

4.: We send you fun SWAG!

What are the rules?

1: No fakers!

2: Each beer trail map is only good for one submission, so make sure you've gotten all of the breweries you can before sending it in to us. We're working off of donations so we can't pro-rate previous submissions.

3: As the beer trail grows, we'll update the map to add breweries, but not to worry. Feel free to combine your new beer trail map with older versions 

4: If you mail it in with signatures and dates showing you visited between 10-19 breweries, you will receive a T-Shirt. If you mail it with 20-less than all of the breweries, we will mail you a Hat. If you mail it in with signatures and dates showing that you visited ALL of the breweries listed on the beer trail – you will receive a prize pack. We ask that you only mail it in one single time, and please note if you mail it in with fewer than 10 breweries stamped, we will not be able to reward you. 


Q. Can I get my map stamped at beerfests?

A. No. We require that you visit the actual brewery location and enjoy a beer there to get your stamp.

Q. I visited a brewery but forgot to get my map stamped. Can I just sign it off and send it in?

A. We can only accept entries that have been stamped by brewery personnel. 


Let us know what you think of the site. We want to continually improve the beer trail based off of your inputs!

We value your feedback!

Good or bad, please let us know how we're doing so we can make the beer trail as awesome as possible.

Emerald Coast Craft Beer

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